I work with small and medium-sized businesses, design teams and agencies, building fast, responsive and inclusive web site front-end foundations, with strong focus on HTML5, SVG, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design and performance.

If you’re a company that cares about providing great user experiences to all users—regardless of their context or abilities, and are willing to invest in a great user experience established by a fast, inclusive web site or application, and you embrace the ever-changing nature of the Web and are willing to build for it, then I'd love to help you with it.

There is something magical when you work with somebody knowledgeable, passionate, smart and extremely reliable. When working with Sara, that’s exactly the feeling you get — Sara is very professional with a keen eye for detail, knowing how to work around pitfalls and working hard to get to the best possible solution every single time.

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Vitaly Friedman

Editor in Chief, Smashing Magazine


[Sara] is an incredibly knowledgeable and diligent developer. She captured the spirit of our company brilliantly. Anyone would be fortunate to work with her.

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Alex Goldberg

CEO Provata Health


For a quick overview, the following timeline calendar shows my current and future (2017) availability for front-end development work inquiries.

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In the interest of saving us all some time, here are some good reasons to not get in touch with me:

  • You’re looking for someone to build a quick and cheap website for your business. I love building websites for businesses big and small, regardless of the budget, but I don’t do any rush work and I don’t compete on prices, so if you’re looking for someone to create your website for the lowest possible price, you’re probably better off finding someone else.
  • You have a very close deadline. While there might be times when I’m available to start right away, I almost always have something at hand that I need to finish up before I start a new project. There is usually at least a 2 weeks window between the time you contact me and the time I can start working on your project.
  • You want me to promote your product or service. I'm happy to give your product a spin and then share it with my circles if 1) it is useful 2) it could be interesting to other people. Other than that, I don’t do product promotions, not even if you pay me to. I always make sure I only share what my followers would appreciate, not what I could be paid to share.
  • You want to advertise on my website. I’m currently keeping my website ad-free. This might change in the future, but I don’t have any intention to put ads on my website any time soon.
  • You can’t get your code to work on your current client project and want someone to dig into it and make it work for free. I am more than happy to point you in the right direction to solve your problems—assuming I know what you are looking for. But I cannot invest my time looking into your code, analyzing it, and then send you a solution for your problem unless you are hiring me to do so.
  • If you think my website could use some “expert SEO and design services”. Thanks. But no, thanks.

If you’re still with me, then I’d love to hear from you...

Get in touch

I treat my client projects like personal projects, and like to feel like I'm part of a family when I work within your team. I go out of my way to ensure the product I build is satisfying to both you and your customers or clients. If that resonates with you and you think you can benefit from my skill set, get in touch!

Sara doesn’t come without a price tag. But it's worth it. Up to date I have not worked with a freelancer so open-minded, innovative and not afraid to challenge client’s work as Sara. And best of all, its not just “talk”… but also “walk”.

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Sebastian Frommherz

Project Manager, COBI


Let’s work together!