• Developer of the Year 2015 net Award

      Last Friday, I gave my first keynote in the UK at Generate Conf. That same day, the net awards were announced. On Saturday, I came back home with an award: the Developer of the Year award. This is a short thank you post to everyone involved.

    • Chapter 4, Smashing Book 5 “Mastering SVG for Responsive Web Design”

      The new Smashing Book is out! It’s packed with a lot of time-saving, practical techniques for crafting fast, maintainable and scalable responsive websites. I wrote a chapter in the book—Chapter 4: Mastering SVG For Responsive Web Design. Here is an overview of what that chapter covers, and why I think you should buy the book.

    • I Won A Web Platform Award

      Today, O’Reilly’s Fluent Conf is taking place in San Francisco, California. And as part of the conference, the O’Reilly Web Platform Awards were announced. Apparently, I was nominated for an award and, according to the co-chairs of the conference, I got the most amount of nominations and eventually won an award.

    • I Wrote A CSS Book Reference.

      Yesterday, we finally released a long-awaited project over at Codrops: Codrops' new CSS Reference, authored by yours truly. Even though I wrote a post over at Codrops introducing the reference and its features, I want to share a little bit more about my experience writing it.