Looking for someone to turn your beautiful designs into usable websites that respond to various device and user contexts, and are powered by code that’s just as beautiful, as well as scalable?

On stage during btconf Duesseldorf, 2015. (Photo by Marcel Böttcher, licensed under CC BY 2.0.)

Hi! I’m Sara. Named Developer of the Year in the 2015 net awards, I'm an independent front-end web developer, author and speaker.

I work with companies across the globe, delivering web sites and applications for small and medium businesses, as well as work as an outsourcing partner to various web and design agencies.

I also speak and run workshops across the globe, focusing on HTML5, SVG, CSS and JavaScript.

Front-End Development

With HTML5, SVG, CSS and JavaScript as my tools, I build website front-ends focusing on performance, responsiveness and usability.

I work with design teams—big and small—to turn designs into fast, responsive, interactive and accessible websites and applications.

[Sara] is an incredibly knowledgeable and diligent developer. She captured the spirit of our company brilliantly. Anyone would be fortunate to work with her.

Alex Goldberg, CEO Provata Health
(Front-End Development Client)


I love speaking and sharing what I do and know with our community. My talks are always technical, mostly code-heavy, with lots of practical tips to take away, currently focused on SVG and CSS, including cutting edge features.

Sara Soueidon (@SaraSoueidan) is one of the most infectious speakers I’ve had the pleasure to watch, she has more energy than 10,000 light bulbs! She crammed in more information in a short time than I would’ve thought possible on a subject I am personally very interested in and it is clearly a subject she is extremely passionate about.

Keith Mason, Generate London 2015 Conference Review


The amount of content that can be covered in a 40-minutes talk is fairly limited. And with topics and technologies as diverse as CSS and SVG, that amount of time is never enough. As such, I lead workshops around the globe covering everything designers and/or developers need to know to get up and running in their everyday work projects.

[Sara’s Workshops] are concise, heavily practical, hands-on and very, very useful. The feedback from attendees has been tremendous — due to Sara’s engagement and knowledge but also the level of depth covered in the SVG workshop she’s been running with us at SmashingConf LA. Highly recommended — exclamation mark!

Vitaly Friedman, Editor in Chief, Smashing Magazine
(Workshop Client)

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